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This is a new scale of challenge, on campuses and communities, that presents many hurdles. Good will and government regulations are just not enough.


Since October 7

"Unprecedented" reports of antisemitic incidents across the United States have soared 388% in the two months since the deadly Oct. 7 attack by Hamas terrorists.


From the Left and the Right

From Neo-Nazis to the Ceasefire movement, antisemitism continues to rise on both ends of the spectrum across the United States.


Government Regulation

Local, state and national institutions are trying to curb the rise of antisemitism but simply cannot contain the viral spread in schools, social media and the streets we live.


Police Response

Law enforcement is on your side. But the time it takes to contact and arrive on scene is the critical time one must respond to a threat.


Quality Self Defense Training

Not all self defense programs are the same. The local karate center might be a great option for your children but Krav Maga is arguably the most effective discipline in life-threatening events.

The Team at GSD Advisers has unique experience and deep acquaintance with each and every step in the process of self defense. While the reality on the ground is changing rapidly, we have built numerous locations of training since 2014 and scaled to other cities. If you are an community organizer and need help navigating these challenges - please reach out, we are here to help. We are in this together, and together - we will win, while protecting our loved ones so we may walk in peace.

Please help. Time is of the essence.

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