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GSD Advisers Inc. is a nonprofit council of experts focused on safeguarding and empowering the Jewish community in the United State and Israel.

Ou Programs
Shields of Steel
Shields of Steel logo

Supplying life-saving tactical gear to the soldiers of the IDF at scale.

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Self Defense
GSD Logo

Awareness and self defense training for American Jewish communities.

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Project Tkooma
Project Tkooma

Delivering immediate and direct assistance to those in need affected by the attacks on October 7.


Mini Mitzvah's

Gap year students traveling across Israel grilling and feeding soldiers serving in the IDF.

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Light in the Darkness
Ligt in the Darkness

A gaming experience that evolves the way current and future generations think and learn about the Holocaust and antisemitism.

GSD Advisers Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

The organization has no overhead and takes no management fee or commissions.
Our tax ID # is 85-0500393

Give With Confidence

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