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Why Do we Do this?

The founders of GSD are grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and former Krav Maga instructors of the IDF -- we know what's coming - that's why we're prepared.

We focus on proactive approaches to safety and security in the areas where antisemitic attacks have been trending the last 7 years so we can mitigate threats before they increase. Being reactive is not enough; we must be proactive.


GSD is a volunteer-led charity dedicated to exposing and combatting antisemitism through awareness and real-world self defense training. Everything that we do is done by people who volunteer their time, using donations contributed by members of the public. Join the fight against antisemitism by sharing our work, volunteering, or making a tax deductible contribution.

Jewish Security Network

We work closely with all Jewish security and communal institutions such as Shomrim, CSS, JCRC and the Community Security Initiative (CSI). We have hundreds of volunteers on the ground so we can connect everyday people with experts in self defense and life-saving techniques.

GSD has developed practical, affordable and sustainable programs specifically for Jewish communities in situational preparedness, active shooter scenarios and self-defense training with world-renowned experts in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

When we're having conversations such as:

"Should I take of my kippah off when I go to work?"

"Honey, please don't wear your Jewish star outside the house."


"Are we safe here anymore?"


This is simply not a way to live.

Never Again is Right Now and we need your support.

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