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We're all on TEAM HUMAN


We just need some more practice because there are so many ways in which we are more alike, than apart.

But, we need more UNITY in our Community.  


GSD engages in dialogue, not debate, bringing together and bridging the gap between communities.

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This initiative is created to provide support to unite against antisemitism in the Syosset Woodbury community and strengthen bonds as a community.  Our funding will focus on antisemitism education and protection for our community.  All your donations will go directly to the initiatives noted and will be tax deductible. 

Keep Our Community an Antisemitic Free Zone


Our first focused initiative is to raise funding for speakers such as Bassem Eid.  Bassem Eid is an internationally recognized Palestinian and human rights activist.   Our goal is to have him speak to the Syosset School students, faculty as well as the surrounding community. 

Syosset’s Never Again Initiative

Syosset’s Never Again Initiative

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